Our story



Albert Potgieter, a Small-town boy, grew up in the South coast of South Africa in a town called Bredasdorp. He studied and worked as a qualified Physiotherapist for five years before he fell in love with the art of designing something new.

In August 2015, Albert and his wife Sjaan Potgieter, decided to add a personal touch to their wedding by making some of the wedding furniture. With a few off-the-shelf-equipment Albert started to design and build various items that were needed for the day. In that time the dream started developing and a year later the business was born. 

Our business was created with the promise to give back and we have committed to give away 50% of the profits.

We are striving to use the business to make a change in the lives we come across.


Planted for purpose

In the time we were searching for a name, the promise of Psalm 1:3 was given and this is the building blocks of our company and the one thing that we can look up to and hold on to.